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Mercy Housing Out-Of-School-Time ActivitiesEconomic recession has impacts well beyond employment rates and foreclosure statistics. There are far-reaching and long-lasting impacts to children, families and individuals who’ve lost their foundation. No one succeeds alone, and Mercy Housing’s Resident Services play an essential role in helping individuals, families and communities get back on track – or get on track for the first time.

Through five program areas, Resident Services has helped thousands of people in hundreds of communities find their place on the path to success and given them skills to move forward. Resident Services’ results-oriented programs link success with personal responsibility to create committed and invested community members.

The five program areas include:

  • Health and Wellness:  By increasing healthy behaviors and encouraging proactive health-management skills, we reduce the frequency and length of costly hospital stays. 
  • Education:  Out-of-school-time programs are conveniently located in or near many of our housing communities. Available at no cost to our community members, these programs provide essential skills and support that put the power to succeed in students’ hands. Participating students improve attendance, engage in the classroom and raise their achievement levels.
  • Housing Stability:  Stability starts at home. Resident Services housing stability programs lay the ground work for families to maintain a home and invest in their neighborhood.
  • Financial Stability:  Financial stability programs teach individuals to make informed, responsible choices that protect and invest in their financial future.
  • Community Participation:  Together, we can do more. By engaging individuals in community activities, we improve safety, increase civic participation, and connect to the community.

With evidence-based programs, Mercy Housing Resident Services are a catalyst for sustainable change within our community. Resident Services are also a catalyst for true community reinvestment. Mercy Housing provides the tools for individuals to change their lives and invest in the future.

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