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Housing & Health Partnership Update—August 2016

We are pleased that the work with the Housing & Health partnership over the last two years is leading to new and exciting opportunities, summarized here and linked for your further perusal. Most excitingly, this project has been selected as the King County Accountable Community of Health (ACH) State Innovation Model (SIM).  Below is additional information and links to the SIM and two reports.

ANNOUNCEMENT: King County Accountable Community of Health (ACH) state innovation model (SIM) Project

The King County ACH has selected the housing-health partnership as a cross-sector innovation project.  The partnership includes Mercy Housing Northwest, Global to Local, Neighborcare, HealthPoint, Seattle Housing Authority, King County Housing Authority, and Public Health – Seattle & King.  The initiative is titled “Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease in Low-Income and Immigrant Populations through Housing-based and Community Health Worker Interventions in King County.” The project will directly address the significant health disparities faced by many Medicaid recipients in Seattle and King County, particularly those from historically underserved communities, including immigrants, refugees and people of color.  We will scale the promising multicultural Community Health Worker CHW initiatives already underway to additional affordable and public housing sites. We plan, to track health costs and results and to mesh clinical services with community-based supports. CHWs will be based in public and affordable housing properties in Seattle and South King County.  Read More »

REPORT: Progress and Opportunities: Integrating Housing and Health Data—August 2016

 In November 2015, Mercy Housing Northwest received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to identify what it would take to integrate Washington’s “orphaned” affordable housing data with health and other human service information. With significant input from Washington State Housing Finance Commission and Department of Commerce, who manage the Web-Based Annual Reporting (WBARs) system, we’ve concluded that it does appear possible to overlay the addresses of individual Medicaid beneficiaries with affordable housing sites, with appropriate privacy protections. Public Health Seattle & King County has received a Robert Wood Johnson Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) grant to integrate Seattle and King County public housing authority data with Medicaid data. We will be working with Public Health to integrate the other affordable housing address-information for King County to test and document the utility for similar integration statewide  Read the report »

REPORT: Sustainable Financing Models for Community Health Workers: A Report Prepared for Mercy Housing Northwest 

As the title implies, this Master’s degree capstone report by Joy Lee, University of Washington, School of Public Health, explores sustainable financing models for community health workers with a particular focus on the intersection between affordable housing and healthcare. Read the report »

Mercy Housing Northwest Windsor Heights Case Study »