Mercy Housing California

Mercy Housing California is the largest regional division of Mercy Housing, Inc. With offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento, Mercy Housing California offers affordable low-income housing programs and Resident Services. We are proud to serve our residents and California communities through the development of 128 rental properties across 36 California counties serving low- and very-low-income working poor families, seniors and individuals. Mercy Housing California has developed 10,942 affordable homes including 7,940 in rental and 3,002 in homeownership.

Many California residents struggle daily with the high cost of living. The average household income is more than $48,400 – nearly $5,000 more than the national average. The average annual income of a Mercy Housing California resident is $14,400.

Mercy Housing California remains committed to changing lives and revitalizing neighborhoods by providing safe, quality, service-enriched housing.