Mercy Housing believes it is our duty and responsibility to incorporate environmental stewardship principles into all areas of our work including:

  • Design, construction, and rehabilitation
  • Property operations
  • Office practices
  • Resident services

Our three goals for Green Hope are to: 

  • Reduce Mercy Housing's consumption of natural resources
  • Reduce Mercy Housing's waste
  • Create healthier living environments


In order to meet our program goals, we have the following objectives:

  Gray Checkmark Reduce energy consumption
  Gray Checkmark  Reduce water consumption
  Gray Checkmark  Reduce paper consumption
  Gray Checkmark  Increase purchase of items with recycled content
  Gray Checkmark  Reduce waste generation
  Gray Checkmark  Decrease hazardous chemical product use
  Gray Checkmark  Pursue certification on 100% of new developments and major rehabilitations

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