Cheryll O'Bryan


Cheryll O'BryanCheryll O’Bryan was named President of Mercy Housing Management Group in 2007. She comes to Mercy Housing with more than 25 years of experience in property management. She is currently responsible for the management of more than 18,000 units of multifamily rental housing and more than 1,000 employees. Over the last three decades, O’Bryan has worked with some of the largest for-profit property management companies in the nation and developed successful management platforms in several organizations.

From 1978 to 1991, O’Bryan served as the Regional Vice President of Property Management for Hall Financial in Dallas. There she held various positions and continued to develop her career in asset management and property operations. In 1991, she left Hall Financial to serve as the Regional Vice President of Property Management for National Housing Partnerships Management, where she directed the daily property management operations of as many as 75 properties with more than 17,000 units. In 1997, O’Bryan took over as the President of Property Management of Elkor Properties, a 10,000-unit property management organization in Chicago.

In 2000, O’Bryan joined Equity Residential, in Columbus, Ohio. She began as the Senior Vice President of Asset Management and then worked as the Executive Vice President of Property Management. There she managed 30,000 multi-family units and 1,000 employees and developed and implemented strategic plans, which included setting operational and management accountability standards. Equity Residential sold the portfolio in October of 2006 to Empirian Property Management, Inc., and O’Bryan remained as the Executive Vice President until accepting her position with Mercy Housing in 2007.