Mercy Housing
Management Group

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a consistent, measurable and systematic approach to the various components of Mercy Housing Management Group’s (MHM) structure and on-going business model, including Standardized Practices (Policies and Procedures), Educational Programs, Pay and Incentive Compensation, Management and Financial Oversight and Employee Recognition. By following the principles and guidelines of Operational Excellence, on-site staff can focus on achieving results. Operational Excellence includes a compilation of policies and procedures ranging from Operations and Administration to Maintenance and Human Resources.

The following model shows the basic structure and components of the Operational Excellence.   

 Mercy Housing Operational Excellence

In order to achieve Mercy Housing’s mission, MHM has identified four key management objectives. They are:

  • Maximize financial results
  • Maintain the property to the owner’s standards
  • Create and sustain a challenging and rewarding work environment for employees
  • Deliver superior customer service

In order to achieve the management objectives, MHM focuses on certain Key Performance Indicators as a measure of success. The Key Performance Indicators are driven through the five systematic components of the Operational Excellence structure.