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One of the worst things about being homeless is that once the downward spiral starts, it’s hard to stop it. Homelessness is like being at the bottom of a well – but instead of throwing you a rope, life hurls bricks down on top of you.

Marco lives with his dad Victor. By trade, Victor is a roofer. For years he worked hard and paid his bills and there was even a little money left over sometimes. Marco, who’s a whiz at math and science, was doing great in school.

But construction jobs dried up when the housing market bottomed. Victor and Marco went from “doing fine” to broke, homeless and wondering where their next meal was coming from. They moved to California where Victor heard a company was hiring, then to New Mexico. Marco was diagnosed as ADHD.  Jobs that were “sure things” fell through. When Victor finally found a job – low paying but welcome – he couldn’t rent an apartment because of the prior eviction on his credit record. They lived first in cheap motels, then in a shelter. 

Victor worried about Marco’s safety, his ADHD, the people he was exposed to, how to feed the two of them. As for Marco, he says, “When you’re homeless, you feel like you don’t have a right to be anywhere.”

With nothing left to lose, they moved back where they started – and this time found a home at Mercy Housing. And, oh what a difference it has made!  Life is still tough, no question about it, but the future looks good. Victor has almost finished a renewable energy certificate program and will soon be working installing solar panels. Marco is enrolled in the gifted and talented program at his middle school and wants to be an astronaut. This family still has a lot of work ahead of them, but Victor and Marco are reaching for the stars.

This holiday season as you count your blessings and think about the causes you’ll support, please remember Victor and Marco and how much good your money does. Remember that just by making a donation, you throw a lifeline to a family just like yours. 

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