Mercy Housing Southeast

Affordable Housing Development

Mercy Housing Southeast has developed or acquired more than 2,800 homes for seniors, families and people with special needs. Another 260 homes are currently under construction or will start construction before the end of 2014.  Residents of our housing make an average annual income of about $19,465. Mercy’s Southeast team is based in Georgia and also supports housing needs in North Carolina and South Carolina, Ohio, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Mercy Housing Southeast's development expertise covers the full spectrum of housing solutions including:

  • Multifamily rental homes
  • Senior and family housing
  • Supportive, single-room occupancy housing for formerly homeless individuals
  • Preservation and rehabilitation developments

Regardless of the scale and population served, each Mercy Housing community is built with an unwavering commitment to dynamic partnerships, creative vision and extensive community planning. We understand that the heart of a new community is built over time through the early and consistent engagement of community members. Mercy Housing's development team is skilled at creating dynamic and informed relationships with the local community - relationships that lead to comprehensive design and a prioritization of community needs.

Mercy Housing Southeast has won many awards in the housing industry including a Magnolia Award, Affordable Housing Finance Award and National Trust for Historic Preservation Award.



Learn more about Mercy Housing Southeast's properties in the following states:

Featured Property

Allegre Point | Decatur, GA

Allegre Point's location and amenities make this development a first-rate setting for South DeKalb seniors. Built specifically for seniors, age 62 and older, Allegre Point Senior Residences consists of 67 apartments conveniently loacted five minutes from shopping, pharmacy, restaurants and the South DeKalb Senior Center.  Learn more...