Sponsor Council

Mercy Housing is sponsored by eight communities of Catholic Sisters who have vowed to serve people facing poverty, illness, and lack of education. Each community has one representative who serves on Mercy Housing’s Sponsor Council, a part of our governance structure. The Co-Sponsors are responsible for stewarding the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of Mercy Housing.

Mercy Housing’s Co-Sponsors include:

Sister Rose Ann AguilarDaughters of Charity, Province of St. Louise

Sister Rose Ann Aguilar
Sister Betty DunkelDaughters of Charity, Province of the West 

Sister Betty Marie Dunkel
Sister Rose Marie JasinskiSisters of Bon Secours, USA 
Sister Rose Marie Jasinski
mercy housing properties - image not availableSisters of Mercy, Northeast 
Sister Maureen Mitchell
Sister JoanneLappetitoSisters of Mercy, South Central 
Sister Joanne Lappetito
Sister Rose Ann AguilarSisters of Mercy
Sister Pat McDermott
Sister Diane HejnaSisters of St. Joseph of Orange 
Sister Diane Hejna
Sister Charlotte DavenportSisters of St. Joseph of Peace 
Sister Charlotte Davenport

 Mercy Housing wouldn't be where we are today, if it weren't for these communities of Women Religious who were willing to take a chance. Read our story»

 To learn about becoming a Co-Sponsor please contact us.