Valerie Agostino

Senior Vice President, Community impact & healthcare partnerships

Val AgostinoIn her role as Senior Vice President of Community Impact and Healthcare Partnerships, Valerie Agostino works to increase Mercy Housing’s focus on service-enriched, affordable housing as a platform for improved health outcomes for residents. She oversees the national Resident Services Program and data collection system. She is also responsible for developing healthcare partnerships.

Agostino brings more than 40 years of experience in affordable housing and community development to her position. She began her career in San Francisco in the late 1970s, working with Catholic Charities to help the elderly with very low incomes live independently in service-enriched, supportive communities. 

In 1994, she joined the staff of Mercy Housing’s California regional office as the Director of Property Management for the then-nascent California organization. In 2001, she was named Chief Operating Officer for Mercy Housing California and spent the following twelve years overseeing various community development, real estate and resident service activities throughout the state of California. In 2014 Agostino was promoted to Senior Vice President of Health Care & Housing and supported Mercy Housing’s efforts in California and throughout the nation.  

As the affordable housing industry continues to view service-enriched, affordable housing as an effective way to alleviate poverty, the symbiotic relationship of health and housing becomes increasingly apparent. In her role, Agostino strengthens the relationship between the two. 

“My goal is to create meaningful healthcare partnerships that are replicable and scalable,” says Agostino. “I am convinced that people who live in a caring, service-enriched environment are likely to have an improved sense of wellbeing and be better able to manage their health conditions.” 

Affiliations include: Commissioner for the Housing Authority for the City of Berkeley, former member of the City of San Francisco’s Long Term Care Coordinating Council, former member of the City of San Francisco’s Long Term Care Coordinating Council, former member of the City of San Francisco’s Dementia Task Force, former President of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California.

Agostino has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts and completed the Achieving Excellence in Community Development Program at the Kennedy School of Government, a program of Harvard University and Neighborworks.