Early Victories for Early Voters

Mercy Housing Lakefront is very proud of the Civic Participation Project. It is a non-partisan program designed to raise awareness and education about the voting process and to encourage voter participation. All of the events are planned and executed by residents with staff assistance.


The Civic Participation Project has three elements:

  1. Voter Registration

  2. Voter Education

  3. Voter Turn-out

Tenant Leaders held election drives at Mercy Housing Lakefront properties and participated in National Homeless and Low Income Voter Registration Week. They were able to register more than 230 people.


On Oct. 15, an Early Vote March was held to raise awareness about civic participation and early voting. Over 40 Mercy Housing residents marched from the Harold Washington property to Truman College to participate in early voting.


Check back for more results of Mercy Housing’s Get-Out-The-Vote efforts!

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