Mercy Housing Regional Offices

Mercy Housing is a national nonprofit organization that develops, preserves, and manages program-enriched, affordable housing for a variety of low-income populations including families, seniors and people with special needs. To do this effectively, Mercy Housing operates regional business centers that manage current Mercy Housing properties while also working to develop more affordable housing opportunities in their regions.

These regions are:

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Mercy Housing California

Mercy Housing California is the largest regional division of Mercy Housing with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento.

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Mercy Housing Lakefront

Mercy Housing Lakefront is proud to serve our residents in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, and we are committed to changing lives and revitalizing neighborhoods by providing safe, quality, service-enriched housing.

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Mercy Housing Mountain Plains

Mercy Housing Mountain Plains operates in seven states comprising the following regions:

  • Mercy Housing Colorado – 17 properties in Colorado and 1 in Utah
  • Mercy Housing Southwest – 13 properties in Arizona
  • Mercy Housing Midwest – 9 properties in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota
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Mercy Housing Northwest

Mercy Housing Northwest owns and operates 59 properties throughout 22 counties in Washington and Idaho, providing 5,500 economically poor children and families a place to call home.

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Mercy Housing Southeast

Mercy Housing Southeast (MHSE) is the youngest regional office of Mercy Housing Inc. and is headquartered in Atlanta. MHSE provides homes to over 8,000 low-income families, seniors and people with special needs in communities across Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee.

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