Resident Services

What are Resident Services?

People who find a home with Mercy Housing have often struggled with some of life’s toughest challenges. High housing costs, job loss, illness, substance abuse, trauma, and isolation are just some of the barriers facing Mercy Housing residents as they work to create a stable life.

We recognize that people often need more than a home to build a stable life, which is why, in addition to housing, we provide Resident Services.

Providing Assistance

Resident Services support Mercy Housing residents live to their full potential by providing services and resources in the following areas:

Health & Wellness 

Problems in housing can lead to problems in health, and vice versa. In order to break the cycle of poverty, people need a home and the tools to manage their health. Learn More>>

Financial Well-being

We are committed to helping people become more financially stable, whatever their income. Learn More>>

Housing Success

Mercy Housing provides housing, programs, and resources to provide its residents with the support they need.

Out-of-School Time Programs 

Kids need support to succeed in school and in life, which is why we offer Mercy Housing kids a place to go when their parents are at work. Learn More>>

Community Engagement

At Mercy Housing, we strive to create healthy, vibrant communities, which is why we work to create diverse community activities designed to bring people together. Learn More>>

If you are with a community agency or service provider (mobile health clinics, kids programming, county or city government agencies, fitness teacher, financial advisor for low-income individuals, etc.) contact us to find out how we can customize a partnership opportunity with your organization.

Interested in Partnering with Us to Provide Resident Services?

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How We Measure the Impact on Residents

Mercy Housing has a rigorous monitoring and evaluation plan that assesses the impact of our programming. Using a variety of tools such as surveys, resident assessments, as well as community-level data, we use this information and to improve and refine our programs. Recent reports include The Staying Power of Services and Emergency Department Utilization.

The Future of Resident Services

Today, we have Resident Services at approximately 75 percent of our properties so that all of our residents can benefit from the support and assistance Mercy Housing provides. Our goal is to have them at every Mercy Housing community.

Mercy Housing is committed to the use of best practices in Resident Services delivery, program evaluation, and program model development. Best and promising practices based on the strongest available evidence of effectiveness are derived from program evaluation, expert advice, and practical wisdom. The practices in use are reviewed annually to ensure they represent the most efficient approaches available based on the population and setting.

If you would like to help strengthen the lives of people in your community, consider:

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