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The affordable housing crisis doesn’t just affect people living in big coastal cities like New York and San Francisco. Millions living in the middle of the country, like in Denver, Omaha, and Phoenix, also struggle to make ends meet due to rising rents and stagnant wages.

Mercy Housing Mountain Plains seeks to address this crisis by providing safe, quality affordable homes to thousands of low-income people. With a total of 40 communities, Mercy Housing Mountain Plains operates in seven states comprising the following regions:


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The Problem

$12,900 Average Mercy Housing Resident Income

Our Impact

40 Properties
3,988 People Served

Mercy Housing Colorado

Mercy Housing ColoradoMercy Housing Colorado began operating in 1993, and provides affordable homes to nearly 3,000 low-income individuals and families living at 17 communities located in Commerce City, Denver, Durango, Westminster, and Fort Collins. More than a third of the people Mercy Housing Colorado serves are children. Mercy Housing also operates one family property in Kaysville, Utah, which is managed by the Mercy Housing Colorado team. Resident Services are offered at no cost to residents at many Mercy Housing communities. See the impact of Mercy Housing Colorado >

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Mercy Housing Southwest

Mercy Housing SouthwestMercy Housing Southwest provides safe, affordable homes for low-income seniors and people with special needs living at 13 communities in Arizona. Four communities in the Phoenix area serve people with disabilities, those living with HIV/AIDS, and/or those living with severe mental illness. The remaining nine properties are senior housing communities focused on helping residents age in place with dignity and respect. Resident Services are offered at no cost to residents at many Mercy Housing communities.

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Mercy Housing Midwest

Mercy Housing Midwest

Mercy Housing Midwest was incorporated as a nonprofit in 1993, and now provides quality affordable homes for over 1,700 residents, primarily low-income families living at nine communities in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Resident Services are offered at no cost to residents at many Mercy Housing communities.

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Mercy Housing residents mother and daughter standingThe Impact You’ve Made

Our model of providing services to residents is based on collaboration and community involvement. Mercy Housing Mountain Plains is proud of and grateful for the many partners and volunteers who help support our work. We truly could not offer impactful services and programs without the many organizations and individuals in our communities committed to helping residents achieve success.

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News Feed

Shelly Marquez header image
Mercy Housing announces new Mountain Plains President Shelly Marquez

DENVER, CO – Mercy Housing Inc. is pleased to announce Shelly Marquez as the new president of the Mountain Plains region. Marquez will lead the region’s operations, including real estate development, fundraising and resident services in the region. Mercy Housing Mountain Plains is an affiliate of Mercy Housing, the nation’s largest affordable housing nonprofit, and

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Two women organizing books on a book shelf, smiling towards the camera
A Super Clean Out in the Southwest

When the pandemic put a pause on chair yoga, Brenda changed course and used her love for reading to help residents at Page Commons in Gilbert, Arizona, in another meaningful way! Before COVID, Brenda taught adaptive chair yoga to senior residents at Page Commons. The group met once a week in the library, as they

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A photo of two women volunteers smiling at the camera while volunteering at a food pantry
Food Pantry Power!

Over the past several years, the demand for food services has increased dramatically as so many people face uncertainty about where their next meal will come from. To help combat this need, Mercy Housing provides free, onsite food pantries to offer seniors, families, and people with special needs basic living essentials. This vital resource helps

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Mercy Housing Mountain Plains is committed to building healthy, vibrant and safe neighborhoods by providing quality, service-enriched housing.

We hope you’ll join us in building the next one.

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