Youth at Evergreen Vista learn to “Kick Butts”

Kick Butts Day is a nationwide effort to educate youth on the dangers of smoking and to encourage existing smokers to quit. Evergreen Vista celebrated Kick Butts Day by inviting families to the Community Center for dinner and an evening of activities geared towards the prevention of youth smoking. There were hands-on demonstrations to show how smoking can damage the lungs. A variety of household chemicals were displayed to illustrate the harmful toxins in cigarettes, as well as photos of healthy and diseased lungs.

The Resident Services Coordinator engaged the youth in a series of role-playing scenarios to helpĀ  them build skills to avoid smoking. Resident Services staff also had information available for smokers, including referrals to SEA MAR Community Health Clinics and the Washington Tobacco Quit Line, which provides free nicotine patches to those who qualify. Residents were also encourages to participate in the legislative process by learning about bills such as Senate Bill 5542, which allows for smoking to occur in certain public places.

Kick Butts Day is just one of the ways that we extend the educational opportunities for youth in our communities – thanks to support from donors like you.