Good Samaritans make sweet music possible

When Mercy Housing Resident Services Coordinator Eddie Zacapa held a leadership meeting with tenants at the White Rock Village apartments recently, they determined a priority was to fix up the family youth room — a white-walled common area that has been the site for the summer free lunch program for the complex’s approximately 200 children and maybe some meetings here and there.

“We use the room occasionally, but not as much as we’d like,” Zacapa said. “We want to do movie nights and hold more after school activities.”

The room will get a fresh coat of paint April 10 and Zacapa hopes to fill it with a new TV and maybe a foosball table.

Eddie Zacapa, left, leads the way for Steve Stokes and his employee to deliver a donated piano to White Rock Village
Eddie Zacapa, left, leads the way for Steve Stokes and his employee to deliver a donated piano to White Rock Village’s family youth room. A tenant has already offered free lessons to any of the complex’s 200 children. All they needed was a piano … until now. Picture originally captured by: Julie Samrick|Village Life

Resident Terry Wagner said she’d offer free piano lessons to children who live in White Rock Village if they could get a piano. When Zacapa discovered another Mercy property in Sacramento had one that wasn’t being used he asked Wagner “May I hold you to your promise?”

AAA Piano owner Steve Stokes stepped in and donated his time and truck to move the piano to its new El Dorado Hills home. An anonymous donor, choosing only to be named as a member of Vintage Grace church, donated the rest of the moving costs.

“We help people out all the time,” Stokes said. “It’s nice to know they’re appreciative.”

Earlier this month the piano was moved to White Rock Village. After Stokes checked it, he diagnosed the Kurtzmann as “originally a good piano,” but “suffering from a lack of tuning.”

This article was originally posted by Julie Samrick|Village Life
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