Meet Ginger

Before she moved into a Mercy Housing community, Ginger jumped from place to place with her baby daughter, juggling the many responsibilities of work, school, and single parenting. “Not knowing where I was going to live, not knowing if I could afford it, not knowing if I would have to drop out of school to pay for bills…all of that was hard on me, but it was also hard on my daughter,” she says.

Ginger“Things really started to change when I moved into my Mercy Housing community…I felt grounded and safe. Having housing allowed me to push as hard as I did to get through school because I could focus.”

Ginger also appreciated Mercy Housing’s Resident Services: “They had a ton of classes and resources…They had yoga, which was amazing, and cooking classes… They also had childcare during all these activities, which was very helpful…It’s an encouraging environment.”

While at her Mercy Housing community, Ginger became a pediatric nurse and was able to move out of her Mercy Housing community. Today, she spends her vacations volunteering on medical missions in developing countries. “Mercy Housing has all the things that set you up with success!”