Residents and staff exercising together

Mercy Housing Lakefront Residents Work to Improve Health and “Feel Better”!

From mid- June to early August,  Mercy Housing Lakefront staff and residents took part in our 5th annual Feel Better Challenge.

Residents and staff exercising together
Residents and staff exercising together

At the start of this eight-week health program, tenants and staff set physical health goals. Over the following weeks, they cheer each other on, enjoy some fun and friendly competition, and work to build healthy communities!


Residents and staff created a walking club, organized exercise classes, set up cooking classes, and held other fun activities to promote healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. To give participants an even greater incentive to join the challenge, staff and residents created a point system. For each activity, participants received a certain amount of points! The winner was labeled as the challenge’s “Feel Better Challenge Champion”!

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