A Personal “Thank You” Letter from Blanca, MHNW Resident

Blanca, MHNW Program Participant

My name is Blanca, and I am a resident of Cottonwood Apartments in Kent.  I participate in the health programs that Mercy Housing Northwest does at Cottonwood every week.

My niece, who has several health conditions, came from Mexico to live with us a few months ago. Even when she is a US citizen, I didn’t know what to do.  I talked to Mrs. Esther, a Community Health Promoter for Mercy Housing, and she was able to help me with various things such as school registration, arranging bus transportation, enrolling for health insurance, finding a doctor, as well as a wheelchair. She was also able to help arrange counseling for my family to cope throughout this process. We have had a difficult time learning how to meet all of the special needs that my niece requires.

The nutrition classes Mercy Housing offers at Cottonwood have helped me learn to prepare healthy recipes on a small budget for my family. The bag of fruits and vegetables they provide to the participants in the class is very helpful.

This year, the health fair was very nice in the summer with lots of participants and helpful information for the residents. In September, my husband and I were able to get the flu shot, which we would not have been able to afford, given that we didn’t have health insurance.

I’m so thankful that we have Mercy Housing at Cottonwood Apartments providing health and wellness programs weekly. Without these services, my family and I would not have access to these resources or valuable services.




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