Welcome Home, Zenaida!

Zenaida Flores
Zenaida Flores

Zenaida was one of our first residents to move into her new home at Mercy Othello Plaza. She arrived within the first week of the property’s opening on March 27 and has been more than grateful for the opportunity to settle in her new home. Zenaida describes her touching story of finding an affordable home as “God sent.” Before her move, Zenaida was caring for her older sister, who was ill. Her sister had to move into a rehabilitation center since her condition gradually worsened. Zenaida, whose only income stemmed from Social Security benefits and caregiving for her sister was left out on the streets.

Luckily, a family who Zenaida was babysitting for, provided her with a place to stay until she got back on her feet. Zenaida contacted her former caseworker, who helped her apply for SSI back in 2010. The caseworker, who is now retired, kept in touch with Zenaida over the years and they remained friends. At the time Zenaida was in need of a home, Mercy Othello Plaza was still under construction. Even though she was hesitant, she applied with the encouragement and assistance of her trusted friend and caseworker.

On January 30th, the lottery day for Mercy Othello Plaza’s applicants, Zenaida’s name was called early on in the process. As she recalls her sentiments from that day, “My heart and eyes were filled with emotion.” Zenaida says she so thankful to Mercy Housing Northwest, and always makes it a point to thank the staff, who were so accommodating to her. While sharing her story with our Residents Services Coordinator, Zenaida says the best thing about living here at Mercy Othello Plaza is not only the friendly staff, but that her church is conveniently located just across the street, her physician is only ten minutes away, and most importantly, that she is “happy!”

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