Home is Hope


You empower women like Aundria to live their best life.

It’s awful enough that anyone must endure months of being cold, hungry, and homeless. But imagine the feeling of people walking right by you, not even seeing you as a human being. At best, you’re treated like a nuisance.

“There were days that I was ready to give up on everything,” says Aundria, who was living under a bridge in Georgia for six months before moving to Milwaukee. “When I first got [to Milwaukee], I didn’t have a place to stay. I was a recovering addict and had six years clean. I was able to get into a housing program, but then I relapsed and lost my housing. So, I was back on the streets for about four months,” Aundria reports.

Thankfully, Aundria found a home and the support system she needs. After a few months at an inpatient treatment facility and transitional living program, she moved into St. Catherine Residence in April 2015. When asked about her experience living there, Aundria says that “Lawanda [her case manager] has been a support for me from the get-go. Even when I don’t have appointments with her, she is always available to talk with me. She never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. She pushes me forward.”

And Aundria continues forward. Since moving into St. Catherine Residence, she completed an internship to become a Peer Support Specialist, currently serves as chair of events for her support group, became an Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) sponsor, and serves as a valued volunteer at Sojourner Family Peace Center. “I have a passion for helping people who are homeless because I had that experience,” says Aundria about why she volunteers. Aundria recently started taking college courses and hopes to one day open her own child daycare facility because she loves working with children.

“Just because someone is homeless, doesn’t mean they aren’t human.” — Aundria

Since 2017, Aundria has been living in McAuley Apartments just next door to St. Catherine Residence.