“Nolan’s Dream” Brings Residents Hope

Janice Ramos Tingley, the author and illustrator of the book “Nolan’s Dream,” made a special visit to Mercy Housing’s Colonia San Martin community in Sacramento, California. She shared words of inspiration and read her book to young residents at a birthday celebration. Janice also brought copies of her book for the children to keep. Her book is a touching tale about the importance of perseverance through the lives of two boys with disabilities. Thanks to donors, events like this are available — creating opportunities for residents to see new, creative approaches to overcoming challenges.

Janice grew up experiencing two disabilities herself, dyscalculia and dyslexia. She yearned to be just like her well-educated family but was bullied, teased, and told she would never be successful in life.

“Nolan’s Dream” is the fruition of Janice’s strong belief that anything is possible with faith, determination, and patience. We thank Janice and all our supporters for sharing messages of hope with residents — it makes a huge difference.

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