3 Facts About the Toughest Job in the World

Being a mother isn’t easy. A mother gives support, guidance, and all the things a family needs for a happy home and a bright future. As Mercy Housing honors all mothers this Mother’s Day, we encourage you to think about how wonderful all the mothers in your life are, and all the inspiring things they do.

Serving mothers across the country is a privilege for Mercy Housing because every day we get to witness the kindness and compassion their presence brings to their kids’ lives and communities. Here are three numbers to think about this Mother’s Day:

1. Around 50% of Mercy Housing residents are…


With most Mercy Housing residents being families, many of our communities prosper from multigenerational diversity.  We’re all in this together when it comes to building better communities, and no one should feel alone. When families have stable housing, everyone benefits.

2. About 60% of Mercy Housing single-mothers…

former resident and current employee Gloria stands in front of Mercy Housing property


Raising a family is a full-time job, and the cost of child care these days has gotten pricey. With almost 70% of American mothers with children under 18 working, child care is a big issue. At some family communities, Mercy Housing offers free childcare, allowing moms the opportunity to save, work, and most importantly, the kids have more time to focus on learning.

3. Nationally, 25% of families are led by…

mother with two sons in front of their home

Single Moms!

Being a single mom is the hardest job on the planet. Raising kids, balancing careers, and taking care of everything else in life is an impressive balancing act. Ensuring that single moms have what they need for their families’ success makes our collective futures so much better. Tell all the moms you know, thank you!

Mercy Housing offers a variety of resources for low-income mothers and families in need, and if you’d like to help mothers in need, we have fun volunteer opportunities too!