Kforce volunteers at Grace Apartments

Kforce: A Real Tour de “Force”

Kforce is a key Mercy Housing supporter, not only during the holiday season but throughout the year. A national staffing agency with offices across the U.S., Kforce is a large corporation with a big presence. At the root of their business are core values that show their commitment to the local communities in which they work and live. John Padilla, Senior Director at Kforce Denver, isn’t shy about talking about the important role stewardship has within the organization.

“Kforce has ‘stewardship in the community’ as one of its core values and we take it very seriously. Throughout our 50 offices nationally, we take pride in our support of the community and get a bit competitive in the volunteering that we do. I don’t think a week goes by without an example of one of our offices or associates donating their time and resources. The industry of recruiting/staffing has its share of bad connotations, but Kforce stands out in such a positive way and encourages us to give back,” John said.

This past summer, a group of Kforce volunteers spent the afternoon volunteering at Grace Apartments in Denver. Working in the community garden was a great way to help prep the garden for summer planting. The garden itself is an oasis for residents and acts as a supplemental food source for many families.

Kforce helps fill the food pantry at Decatur PlaceThis holiday season, Kforce showed their continued support again by volunteering at Decatur Place. Volunteers helped clean and organize administrative and community spaces in preparation for the upcoming holiday parties and to get the property ready to start the new year. Additionally, they hosted a winter clothing drive that benefitted many families.

Knowing the impact their work has on families in need makes for a meaningful experience for everyone.

John commented, “we have so much fun throughout the process: the initial planning and anticipation of helping; the work — such as cleaning up a community garden — allows us to get to know each other in a very different and positive way; and, after the event, time shared over a meal reflecting on what we did. All of it has been so meaningful to our team.”

“We have had such a strong partnership so far, and it is my goal to continue to develop that relationship. I really hope that we can earn the right to be Mercy [Housing]’s go-to partner for anything they need,” John said.

Many thanks to John and all the Kforce volunteers! We appreciate everything you do for Mercy Housing!