Help Us Celebrate A Resident’s 100-Year Birthday!

birthday cake 100 years old

Carrie is a resident at Countryside Senior Apartments in Illinois and she turns 100 years old on April 26!

Our Goal

We hope to get Carrie 100 birthday wishes – via card or social media likes and shares by April 26.

With social distancing and shelter in place guidance, we’re finding new ways to celebrate birthdays and we didn’t want to miss Carrie’s milestone birthday. Aging in grace, in a place that’s vibrant and healthy is so important to Mercy Housing.

seniors doing yoga
Seniors at Countryside Senior Apartments enjoy a variety of activities. Gatherings like this are on hold for now, but we’re doing everything possible to make sure seniors stay healthy and connected to their community at this difficult time.

Wish Carrie a Happy Birthday Today!

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