Sylvia, resident at Page Commons senior community

Family Bonds

“I’ve taken COVID and made some lemonade!”

“I’ve taken COVID and made some lemonade!”

This has been Sylvia’s motto at Page Commons senior community in Gilbert, Arizona, as of late. This lively senior has not let COVID slow her pace or dampen her spirits. Instead, she looks for the good in everything and finds ways to stay active and healthy through these uncertain times.

The youngest of six children, Sylvia grew up in a loving home with her parents in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although her father had no more than a 3rd grade education, he was a huge proponent of higher education and encouraged all his children to excel in school. Sylvia did just that. First, earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing and later a graduate degree in divinity from Fuller University.

After spending her entire life in Ohio, Sylvia was ready to forge a new path in a new place. Guided by faith, she left her hometown 20 years ago with her two adult daughters, father, and granddaughter in tow and set out for Arizona.

With no friends or relatives to call on, they were each other’s support system and have remained that way through all of life’s ups and downs. The COVID pandemic has not changed that and has only made them stronger together. She attributes this strong sense of family to her late father.

“My daddy was a gentle, caring man. I am so grateful to have grown up in that environment because it helped me with everything life threw at me. I feel so blessed,” said Sylvia.

Sylvia and her family are committed to staying healthy and taking all safety precautions to ensure they can still share dinners together at a distance. Recently Sylvia, her daughters, and granddaughters spent an evening together enjoying Hamilton via Zoom.

Page Commons has been Sylvia’s home for the past two years and she simply loves being a part of this vibrant community.

“I love it, I absolutely love it,” said Sylvia of her experience living at Page Commons.

There are several Resident Services programs Sylvia is particularly fond of that help keep her active and engaged. She has enjoyed the pizza parties hosted by the local police department, BINGO games, and Coffee Time. Sylvia is a registered nurse and appreciates Mercy Housing’s focus on health and wellness. She always looks forward to the Arizona State University nursing students’ visits to check her blood pressure.

Glenn, Resident Services Coordinator, plans these and other activities at Page Commons to help support residents’ needs and create a culture of caring.

“Glenn just keeps so much going on you know there is always going to be something fun happening,” said Sylvia.

As for what is next on Sylvia’s list. She plans to continue teaching as an Adjunct Professor at Maricopa Community College and sharing her love of storytelling. She has been an instructor there for the past decade and continues to evolve her craft as the landscape of education changes. Sylvia is also currently working on a book and dreams of visiting Jerusalem in the future.