Message From The President

Seasons come and seasons go. But this summer felt a little different. With a sense of hope, we are turning the corner on this pandemic. Many of us are returning to regular activities. But the past twenty months have been particularly challenging for people living with low incomes. Daily, more Americans are realizing that there are far too many people living without a place to call home. Together, we’re changing that.

Mercy Housing and the stories profiled in this newsletter demonstrate how we can all help create stable, vibrant communities. As you’ll read in the following pages, Mercy Housing is committed to providing more than a home. We are providing families, seniors, and veterans with access to opportunities and tools to thrive.

But we cannot do it alone. Caring people like you are critical to the effective delivery of our mission. We need your dedication and support in order to provide the stable, affordable homes that millions of people so desperately need. I encourage you to read these pages and learn about the people you are helping and how your generosity is changing the nation. Thanks again for your support — you’re giving hope and mercy where it’s needed most.


Yours in Hope,

Ismael Guerrero Signature

Ismael Guerrero
President & CEO