Mercy Housing staff pose in front of vote balloons

Voters Build Stronger Communities

Today commemorates the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His son, Martin Luther King III, and his family have encouraged us all to focus this holiday on voting rights — especially passing federal laws that protect the right and ability to vote.

How can Mercy Housing Southeast contribute? Civic engagement is a part of creating communities that are stable and resilient and enable residents to thrive — a core Mercy Housing goal. We are therefore implementing a year-long program for staff and residents called, “Voters Build Stronger Communities.” The initiative will include:

  • Voter registration drives for MHSE residents and surrounding neighbors
  • Get out the vote activities, beginning with the 2022 primaries
  • Civics educational activities for student residents in Mercy Housing’s after-school programs.

This is a first step, and we will look for other opportunities throughout the year. If you know of other opportunities to partner and make an impact, please reach out to us here.

In mercy, justice, and respect,

James Alexander
Mercy Housing Southeast