A bird's eye view cut-out image of 290 Malosi's building

New Homes, New Opportunities at Sunnydale HOPE SF

The new year brings exciting changes to Sunnydale HOPE SF, the community-led transformation of one of San Francisco’s most vibrant but historically under-served neighborhoods.

As families and seniors move into 290 Malosi, the first new affordable residence on the grounds of the original, former public housing community, residents of Sunnydale can see their years of advocacy and planning come to fruition. Mercy Housing California (MHC) and co-developer Related California recently completed this architecturally inspiring community, which replaces a few dozen decades-old, worn-down apartments with 167 modern, spacious homes.Rendering of Sunnydale's Building

Before long, these great new homes will be accompanied by a new slate of thriving local businesses. Down the street from 290 Malosi, MHC and Related California have just broken ground at Block 3, a new residential community that will sit atop 25,000 square feet of community-serving commercial space. The commercial space at Block 3 will include a neighborhood wellness clinic operated by the San Francisco Department of Public Health, an early childcare center run by the Felton Institute, a small green-grocer, a café, a small food hall or restaurant, and several more small businesses.

Alternate Sunnydale Rendering of Block 3

Improving community wellness will take more than upgrading physical infrastructure, and thanks to transformational support from the Stupski Foundation, MHC can improve “food sovereignty” in this neighborhood, creating better food systems that center resident choice and health. Guided by a multi-year resident-led planning process, MHC is working to fill the food-related spaces at Block 3 with stores and services that meet the community’s needs and reflect residents’ cultural preferences. In addition to meeting the urgent need for fresh, affordable grocery options in the neighborhood, the shops at Block 3 will improve economic opportunities for residents. MHC will prioritize selecting small businesses run by Sunnydale locals and provide technical assistance to ensure entrepreneurs are empowered to serve their community effectively and sustainably.

Woman presenting a powerpoint speaking on food

Stupski Foundation’s support will also fund part of the cost of building and operating a teaching kitchen in the new community center across the street. Mercy Housing is working with Dr. Linda Shiue of Kaiser Permanente to create a kitchen that enables residents to learn to cook great food with health in mind.

MHC is just months away from raising our shovels and breaking ground at the Sunnydale Hub, the family-serving community center and recreation center geared towards equipping Sunnydale’s young people with the tools they need to learn, grow, and thrive. You can help us bring this crucial community space to Sunnydale HOPE SF. Visit BuildTheHub.org to learn more, or contact Shashi Jivan at sjivan@mercyhousing.org to help us bring Sunnydale families’ dreams to life at the Hub.