Rallying for San Francisco’s Proposition A: Let’s Build Homes We Can Afford

On March 5, San Francisco voters sent a strong message: we all support homes we can afford! More than two-thirds of voters ushered in Proposition A, a bond measure that could add around 1,500 new affordable homes to the city’s housing stock. Proposition A will create a $300 million funding source to build and preserve the affordable housing that San Francisco residents badly need, and it will do so without raising taxes. Mercy Housing California proudly endorsed this important measure, and many staff volunteered to get the word out during the campaign.

Wages for many San Franciscans, including nurses, teachers, and first responders, have not kept up with the cost of housing. Keep these essential community members in our city, we need to make affordable housing a priority. When we invest in affordable housing, we’re investing in essential workers, students, and families having the opportunity to live in San Francisco, participate in our economy, and be part of healthy, diverse communities. As the vote demonstrates, San Franciscans of all backgrounds and income levels are committed to building more affordable housing.

Past affordable housing bonds have helped Mercy Housing build and finance many San Francisco communities, including 290 Malosi in Sunnydale and the upcoming 1939 Market Street, an LGBTQ-affirming senior housing development. Today, many affordable housing developments have the “green light” to move forward in San Francisco but can’t start construction yet because they don’t have enough financing. Bonds like Proposition A will help to get this housing built.

Each day, more than 8,000 San Francisco residents build towards their goals and dreams from the safe foundation of a Mercy Housing apartment home. These residents and their stories are a testament to what’s possible when the city works with nonprofit housing organizations to build homes we can afford. We can be proud of the progress San Francisco has made in creating affordable housing, and thanks to San Francisco voters, we won’t lose momentum. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to help get Proposition A over the finish line so we can build homes San Franciscans can afford!