Meet our Mercy Housing California Donors

Mercy Housing California would like to thank the sponsors of our 2021 virtual event Bridging the Divide. Their generous support helps us build healthy, thriving, communities and close the gaps that residents face in achieving their goals.

Presenting Sponsor

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Hosting Sponsors

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Participating Sponsors

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JoAnn and Jack Bertges

Adrienne Crowe

Hines Logo

Ellen Jamason

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Lettie Burgett and Benjamin F. Cowan

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Cecilia and Jim Herbert

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At Mercy Housing, we make every effort to properly thank our donors. Should you find that your listing is not correct, please email Rosalyn Sternberg at

Thank you to our Build the HUB Capital Campaign Benefactors

To learn more about our campaign to create opportunities for Sunnydale youth at the HUB, visit

JoAnn and Jack Bertges
Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco
Tangerine Brigham
Jay and Pat Cahill
Brad and Anna Cox
Sue Diamond and Marty Schenker
Ford and Leticia Fish
Christina Garcia and Mark Campbell
Horace K. Goldsmith
Jane Graf
Howard and Irene Levine Foundation
Ellen Jamason and Giacomo Marini
Kilroy Realty

Christopher and Clare Lee
Mercy Housing, Inc.
Ezra and Carol Mersey
Timothy Murphy
Nibbi Brothers
Bill Pavão and Cathy Creswell
Janet and Stephen Ruggiero
Brian and Suzanne Swift
Steven Wade
Bill Witte and Keiko Sakamoto / Related
Wu Yee Children’s Services

Thank you!

We want to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to the individuals and organizations that make our work possible through their generous contributions. Mercy Housing California thanks the following donors for their contributions received between January 1, 2021 and November 15, 2021. 

2021 Organizational Donors

Active 20-30 Club of Rancho Cordova Folsom #77
Amazon Smile Foundation
AMJ Construction Management
American Endowment Foundation
Anderson Commercial Flooring
Anvil Builders, Inc.
Apollonia Dental Group PC
Armstead Academic Project
Bank of America
Bay Photo Inc.
BBI Construction
Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Lowell Berry Foundation
Bonnewit Development Services
Bright Funds Foundation
Broward Builders, Inc.
Build Group
Bullard, Inc.
California Bank & Trust
California Coalition for Rural Housing
California Community Foundation
California Community Reinvestment Corporation
Capital One Bank
Cars for Charity
Cisco Systems Foundation
Cisco Systems, Inc.
CIT Bank
CTY Housing
D.A. Group
Dignity Health- Greater Sacramento Service Area
East West Bank
Enterprise Community Investment
Enterprise Community Partners
Factory OS
Farron, Augustine & Alexander Investments and Private Equity
Federal Home Loan Bank of SF
Bettye Poetz Ferguson Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Finance of America CARES
Flower to the People
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Gubb & Barshay LLP
Health Net
Herman Coliver Locus Architecture
The Hearst Foundations
HKIT Architects
Home Depot
The Home Depot, Inc
JAG Interiors Inc.
James E. Roberts-Obayashi Corp.
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Junior League of San Francisco


Kaiser Permanente
Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects
LEN Institute
Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)
Lofty AI, Inc.
Marin County Parks
The Lee & Linda Meier Family Foundation
Menorah Park Community Impact Fund
Mercy Foundation
Mercy Investment Services, Inc.
Merrill Morris Partners
Merritt Community Capital Corporation
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc
Neil & Mary Jo Kelly Fund of the Sacramento Region Community
Nibbi Brothers General Contractors
The O’Shea Foundation
One Treasure Island
Pacific Coast Building Products
Pacific Foundation Services, LLC
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Paulett Taggart Architects Inc.
PG&E Corporation Foundation
Prado Group
Providence St. Joseph Health
Pyatok Architects, Inc.
Remy Fund for Racial and Environmental Justice at the East Bay Community Foundation
Saarman Construction
Sacramento City Unified School District
Sacramento Region Community Foundation
Salazar Architect Inc.
The Foundation
San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing & Community Development
Santos Prescott & Associates
Schwab Charitable Fund
Seabright Laboratories, LTD
Silicon Valley Bank
Solomon Cordwell Buenz & Associates, Inc.
Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future
Suffolk Construction Co., Inc.
Sunseri Construction Inc.
Sutter Medical Center – Sacramento
Swinerton Builders
The San Francisco Foundation
Thurmond Consulting LLC
United Way California Capital Region
United Way Home for Good Funders Collaborative
Van Meter Williams Pollack
Vanguard Charitable
Weingart Foundation
Wells Fargo
YourCause, LLC
Zions Bancorporation

2021 Individual Donors

Maria Acuna-Feldman and Timothy Feldman
Valerie Agostino and Lois O’Connell
Gina Alamillo
David Alexander
Sherley Allen
Margaret and Dale Ames
Elizabeth Amini
David Andeen
Christine Anderson
Laura and Mark Andes
Alicia Andrews
Anonymous (13)
Jeremy Apthorp
Alejandra D. Argueta
Arik Armstead
Christa Armstead
Joanne Asercion
Angelique Ashby
Nabihah Azim
Erin Badillo
Alexander Baechle
Jillian Bales
Thom and Jillian Bales
Max Ball
Joshua D. Bamberger
Amanda Barber
Mary Barnum
Corina Barrera
Alisa Barrios
Scott R. Barshay
Denise and Jim Beavers
Peter Belardinelli
Ari Beliak
Larissa Benjamin
Jesse Berks
Laurie Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Bertelsen, Jr.
Jack and JoAnn Bertges
Vince Bertoni
Beyer Family Expendable Fund at the El Dorado Community Foundation
Tyler Bole
Roberta Borgonovo
Pati Boyle
Donald Bragg
Celeste and Jerry Brasuell
Linda Bratcher
Tangerine Brigham
Angela Brooks
Douglas and Alice Brown
Steffan Brown
Richard Buckner
Catherine Burgett
Lettie Burgett
Maggie Burgett
Rose E. Burgis
Robert Burk
Susie Calhoun
Jo Anne Callaghan
Yvonne Camacho
Jose Campos
Scott Cannon
Paul Cardinet
Lucy Carleton
George Casey
Benjamin and Maria Casillas
Gonzalo Castro
Patricia Centeno
Don Chan
Ania Chang
Virginia Cheung
Krystle Chow
Joe Christophe
Michael Christophe
Rich Ciraulo
Johnathan Coates
Patricia Cochran and Bruce Bergman
Katie Colendich
Chantal Collins
Rachel Comahig-Quintans
Theresa Comstock
Susan Cooley-Gilliom Fund for Visual Arts at the Placer Community Foundation
James Corless
Monte Corley
David Corvello
Elaine Costello
Benjamin Cowan
Bradley Cox
Meghan Craft
Barbara Crain
Alexys Cran
Adrienne Y. Crowe
Wayne Curtis
Leon Daniels
Ramie Dare
Jacob DaRosa
Stephan and Gretchen Daues
Nicole Davis
Michele De Koekkoek
Lana M. Demartini
Alan E. Deroo
Carol A. DeVincenzi
Thomas Devine
Jorge Diaz
Jennifer Dolin
Jane Drummond-Mullarkey
Katrina Durkee
Finn Ellis
Lydia Ely
Carmen Enriquez
Carolyn Ervin
Guy and Stacey Estes
Casey Fannon
Thomas Ferguson
Catherine Fernandez
David Fernandez
Kelly Fernandez
Leslie Fernandez
Silvia Fernandez
Tara Fernandez
Kay Fernandez Smith
Barry Fike
Ford and Leticia Fish
Jennifer and Ryan Fish
Ryan and Jennifer Fish
Amie Fishman
Barbara Fite
Mary Ann Flemmer Arts & Environment Fund at the Placer Community Foundation
Teddy Forscher
Pamela Fortune
Lori Franz
Brett Freer
Kylie French
Julyann Fu
Nicole Fuson
Sharon Gadberry
Carol Galante
Cornelius Gallagher
Joseph Gallagher
Theresa Gallegos
Juan Galvan
Ryan Gamba
Swefa Gandhi
Stephanie Gelman
Jason and Virginia Girzadas
Virginia and Jason Girzadas
Margot Golding and Michael Powers
Rachel Gomez
Victor Gomez-Betancourt
Michael Gorman
Jane M. Graf
Laura Gray
Lizelle Green
Lenore Greene, RSM
Jonathan Griffiths
Andreina Gualco
Ms. Barbara Gualco
Gian Gualco-Nelson
Elise Gumm
Chris Haegglund
Mark Hagopian
Donae Hanible
Lukas Hannemann
Christopher Hansen
Catherine Hanson
Ashley Hapak
Patricia Harney, RSM
William Haynes
Cindy Heavens
Cecilia and Jim Herbert
Danielle N. Hernandez
Benjamin Herrera
Cindy Hibbard
Miguelita Hight
Jonas Hines
Vince and Amanda Hoenigman
Josh Holder
Sharon Holder
Cassie Holloway
Courtney Holt
Hanson Hom
Sandra Honda
Carrie Horton
Dr. Claire Horton
Marjorie Horton
Gordon Howie and Wilma Reichard
Fiona Hsu
Marilyn Hurst
Elaine Hutchinson
Elizabeth Imm
Ganesh Iyer
Amiyr Jackson
Lauren Jackson
Matt Jackson
Ellen Jamason
Eric Jaso
Laura Jensen
Shashi and Sheela Jivan
Erin Johansen
Alexis Johnson
Anneliese Johnson
David J. Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Roberta Johnson Miles
Mary Kelley
Paul and Anne Kelly
Elizabeth Kerman-Morris
Raquel Kim
Erica Kisch
John Kistner
Richard Kistner
Richard and Susan Kramer
George and Rhonda Kreitem
Pete Krengel
Elizabeth Kuwada
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kwan
Harve LaBounty
Jerome Lahey
Tawney Lambert
Lisa Lampe
Elizabeth Landa
Timothy and Elaine Lander
Bret Lawrence
John W. Laws and Rhonda Gray
Kiet Le
Lorraine J. Leatham
Roselie Ledda
Hannah Lee


Karen Lehr
Richard and Jane Leider
Norman Lemoine
Maria Leon
Karen Lerner
Chad Leverenz
Nate Levine
Rebecca Levine
Eugene Leyble
James Liang
Michael and Joyce Liebe
Don Lieberman
Christopher Little
Vivian Liu
Katherine Lizon
Karen Llevano
Michelle Loeb
Jason Lopez
Thomas LoSavio
Michael Loscavio
Juanita Lott
Jeanne Loughman
Deborah Lucchese
Mary Luck
Adrienne Lynch
Angela Maddox
Mary Magnano Smith
Mahmoud Mahmoud
Merle Malakoff and Gina Surber
Judy Malone
Marlo Manqueros
Reneisha Manuel
Laurie and Mike Marshall
Pedro Martinezmoles
Elyssa Match
Thomas and Terri Maynard
Marsha Maytum
Mary and Craig Mc Teague
Paula McClain
Kate McCormick
Colleen McDuffee
Lynne and Joe McGillivray
Mr. and Mrs. William McInerney
Jean McKevitt
Mary Mcneill
Wendy McPherson
Bryan Meek
Julia Menard-Warwick
Raquel Mendez
Rosemarie Meneghetti
Ezra and Carol Mersey
Henry Milich
Dale and Sally Miller
Rebecca Miller
Barbara Mitchell
Bart Mitchell
Anna Molander
Christopher Monteith
Jeannie Moore
Erickson Morais
James Morales
Jill Moran
Stephanie Morgan
Andrea Mullarkey
Christine Mullarkey
Donna Mullarkey
James Mullarkey
Robert Mullarkey
Rosemary Mullarkey
Clare Murphy
Mike and Mary Murphy
Taylor Murphy
Sylvia Navari
Lorraine C. Neely
Kenneth and Susan Newell
Huy Nghieu
Anne Niehaus
James Niehaus
Nick Nieto
Kristin Nugent
Brad Nye
Marsha O’Bannon
Cheryll O’Bryan
Ejiro Okoro
Pearl Osecheck
Elaine Palacios
Nancy Pape
Joseph Park
Ruben Parra
Amelita Pascual
William J. Pavão
Patricia Pawlikiewicz
Marc Pembroke
Maria Perez-Mendiola
Denora Perez-Vasquez
Shilpa Pesaru
Caroline Peters
Kate Peterson
Nhu Pham
Bryan and Christine Pini
Erik Pinuelas
Karl S. Pister
Erica Plumb
Fred Pollack
Bruce and Elizabeth Potter
Steven Preston
Gayle Randolph
Natalie Rapp
Anne Rauh
Jennifer Rebel
Craig Reigel and Karisa Kenyon
Elisabeth Reilly
Deldi Reyes
Sharon Ricci
Yvonne and Claude Riddick
Julianne Rigali and Thomas Barrett-Smith
Shelley Rintala
Michael Rios
Sharon H. Robinson
Evangelina Rodriguez
Ms. Shari R. Roeseler
William Rogan
Mark Rogers
Lawrence Romer
Anne Romero
Tabitha Romero
Elisabeth and Lee Rossi
Mary Ann Rourke
Michael Ruddy
Spencer Rudey
Janet and Stephen Ruggiero
Teresa Ruiz
Connie Rule
Theodore Russell
Joan Ryan
Christopher Saizan
Jea Sako
Clarisse Salazar
Susan Salazar
Elizabeth Salveson
Loretta Salveson
Maura Schafer
Elizabeth Schatz
Heather D. Schickedanz
Diane Schiemann
Corey Schnobrich
Margaret Schrand
Sara Schulke
David Scott
Andrew Scully
Jacqueline Sessler
Michele Sevart
Ann Sewill
Susan Sherfield
William Shifflett
Douglas Shoemaker and Claire Horton
Robert W. Shoemaker
Jasmin Shuff
Ann Simmons
Krystyna Sinnott
Bob and Robyn Slakey
Joyce Slen
Mary Jane Sligar
Dorothy Smith
Greg and Mimi Smith
Neil H. Smith
Sheryle Smith
Dr. S. Monica Soni
Julie Sontag
Justin Sorba
Jessica Soske
Jo L. Soske
Pauline Souza
Harry Spanglet and Anita Pawley
Greg and Pamela Sparks
Dianne and Bruce Spaulding
Steve and Marcie Spears
Richard L. Sprague
Janice Steinkamp
Phyllis Stern
Justin Stolz
Michele Stowe
Amy Sullivan
Scott Sussman
Suzanne and Brian Swift
Cindy Tam
Gunnar and Shay Tande
Tim Taormina
Mark Tavianini
Cynthia Teague
Mariben Terzich
Barbara Thibodeau
Robert Tieman
Kathleen Timm
Peter Toms
Anne Torney
Audrey Tormey
Joseph Torreggiani
Margaret Totty
Allison Townsend
Andrea Tunks
Joyce Uy
Arun Varghese
Shabila Vijay
Yana Voronenko
Elaine Wagg
Estelle and Vincent Wagg
Peter Waller
Don Wallis
Dee Walsh
Adelle Wapple
Lorie K. Warnick
Mary C. Waskowiak, RSM
A.J. Watson
Paula Weinstock
Sue and Kenneth Wenrich-Bucholz
Ruth Wernig
Jeffrey White
Carol Wilson
Jeffrey Wolf
Lynne Wolf
Mark Wolf
Diane Wolfe
Jeffrey Wolfish
Annie Wong
Robin Woo
Jit Wood
Ashley Wright
Justin Yau
Yelena Zilberfayn and Vitaliy Sabelfeld
Taylor Zisman

At Mercy Housing, we make every effort to properly thank our donors. Should you find that your listing is not correct, please email Rosalyn Sternberg at

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