Green Hope

At Mercy Housing, we care about the communities in which we serve, which is why we created Green Hope, our environmental sustainability program. This initiative was designed to reduce our consumption of natural resources, reduce our waste, and create healthier living environments. We have committed to be responsible stewards of the earth by making several external environmental commitments.

Green Hope guides us in all aspects of our operations, from designing, building, and rehabilitating properties, to office practices, property operations, and resident services. 

Our Green Hope program has implemented many projects already including: 

  • Water conservation upgrades,  including the installation of faucet aerators, low flow showerheads, toilet flappers and diverters, and low and ultralow flow toilets
  • Energy efficiency upgrades such as lighting, insulation, air sealing, efficient space and hot water heating systems, and boiler controls
  • Solar electric and solar hot water heating
  • Measuring utility use at all properties
  • Operation-wide purchasing standards (such as floor covering, water fixtures, lighting, and other items) that include minimum environmental threshold requirements
  • Built and retrofitted existing buildings to external standards such as LEED, Evergreen Standards, Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, and other local environmental standards 
  • And more!


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