Heart of Mercy Society Mercy Housing Lakefront

The Heart of Mercy Society recognizes those generous individual donors who provide significant gifts in support of Mercy Housing Lakefront and its mission. Heart of Mercy members provide the leadership gifts that ensure the organization can work to build a region where everyone has an affordable home to use as a springboard to achieve better health, economic security, and a brighter future for their kids.

Join the Heart of Mercy Society

Circle of Mercy

($40,000+ )
Cheryl and John Neal

($15,000 – 24,999)
Thomas and Sue Gates

($10,000 – 14,999)
Nancy and Michael Borders
Elizabeth Baldwin Phillips
Harrison and Lois Steans
Heather Steans and Leo Smith
Jennifer W. Steans and James P. Kastenholz
Robin Steans and Leonard Gail

Circle of Justice

($5,000 – 9,999)
Mark and Katie Angelini
Sheila and Bennett Applegate
Ann Bihrle and Patrick Waite
Diane and Craigh Cepukenas
Michael T. Clune
Charles J. Hoch, Ph.D. and Susan J. Stall
Jim and Kay Mabie
Vincent and Judith McBrien
Stephanie and Howard Natinsky
David and Suzu Neithercut
Denis B. Pierce
Susan and John Powell
Burton and Sheli Rosenberg
Gregory and Sloan Salah
Ritu Vig and Venu Talanki

Circle of Respect

($2,500 – 4,999 )
Cruz Bernal-Albano
William and Carla Cummings
Linda and Alexander Darragh
Debra L. Grand
Deborah and Helmut Jahn
James and Monica Lee
Mark and Debbie McCann
P. Kay Whitlock

Circle of Community

($1,200 – 2,499)
Philip Ashton
Elaine Burke
Sister Mary Hanseder, RSM
Felix R. Matlock Jr.
Scott and Susan Pratt

Circle of Hope

($500 – 1,199)
George and Julianne Archibald
Sister Betty Jean Bischel, RSM
James and Mimi Brault
Kirk Brown
Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr.
Thomas Butler
Juan Calixto
Robert Connolly
Sister Marcian Deisenroth, RSM
Bud Dobbins
Candi Huber and Doug Dobmeyer
Brian and Susan Fargo
Fatmah Farraj
Peter Gelis
Peter Gillespie
Leona Gleason
Jerry Goldstone
Thomas and Rebecca Goulet
Julie Hamos
Teresa Handley
Mary Harth
Sister Margaret Johnson, RSM
Valerie and Keith Kretchmer
Charles B. Lewis
Ann C. Martin
Kevin and Jeanine McCabe
Sister Judith Niemet, RSM
Maria Onesto Moran
Dorothy Osborne
Rodrigo Perez
Michelle Recker
Ronald Rohde
Louise and Charles Saltzman
Sister Jane Schlosser, RSM
Richard Sciortino
Pamela Wilcox