Mercy Housing Southeast

Mercy Housing Southeast (MHSE) is the youngest regional office of Mercy Housing Inc. Headquartered in Atlanta, MHSE provides homes to over 8,000 low-income families, seniors and people with special needs in communities across Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Many of our residents struggle daily with the rising cost of living in communities across the southeast. The average annual income of the families we serve is about $15,565 and even less for seniors and people with special needs.

Mercy Housing Southeast has developed more than 3,350 energy-efficient, affordable homes since 1996, and has been recognized with many accolades in the housing industry, including the Magnolia Award, Affordable Housing Finance Award, the Charles L. Edson Tax Credit Excellent Award, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation Award.

Mercy Housing Southeast is creating stable, vibrant and healthy communities for low-income families and seniors across the southeast. We remain committed to changing lives and revitalizing neighborhoods by providing safe, quality, service-enriched housing.

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We are proud to serve our residents and the communities in Georgia, Ohio, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. We remain committed to changing lives and revitalizing neighborhoods by providing safe, quality, service-enriched housing.