Your Gifts At Work


Mercy Housing provides more than a home - we offer supportive programs and services that allow residents to stabilize their lives. Each time you donate to Mercy Housing, your donation gives families, seniors, and people with special needs an opportunity to achieve their goals.

As you give, here is an idea of what your charitable donation could provide: 

$15 per month – Helps provide a healthy snack each day for one child 
Nearly 13 million children in America face hunger every day. By providing healthy snacks at our after-school programs, we can help take away some of the food insecurity low-income children often face. Donate Now »

$57 – Helps provide homework supplies for 10 children 
Buying school supplies can put a heavy burden on low-income families who are struggling. Your gift can provide homework supplies for 10 children, allowing them to thrive in school. Donate Now »

$153 – Helps provide computer and internet access for schoolwork 
In today's world, computer and internet access is a vital part of a child's education. Your gift, which can provide internet access to a resident computer lab for five months, will enable a child to complete assignments and excel in class. Donate Now »  

$306 – Helps provide passes and transportation for 20 children to visit a science museum 
Learning goes beyond the classroom. Our after-school programs can open up possibilities for children who may not otherwise be able to have these experiences. Your gift can provide a child a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will never forget, like visiting a museum. Donate Now » 

$833 – Helps provide a physical activity program for one year
Your gift of $833 can help fund a physical activity program for an entire year, so kids living at Mercy Housing can have access to safe, fun, activities while their parents work. Donate Now » 

$1,517 – Helps provide a year of hope and education for a child
Our mission is to create stable, vibrant and healthy communities by providing affordable, service-enriched housing for families. This wouldn't be possible without generous donors like you, who see the value of hope for a child, and help us achieve our mission. Donate Now »  

Thank you for helping us to provide affordable, stable housing to the most people, and in the most cost-effective way.  The examples above represent just some of the ways that your gifts will help us to provide the best assistance for our residents.


93% Program Delivery

We take the responsibility of your charitable donation very seriously. We ensure that 93 cents of every philanthropic dollar raised is available for its intended charitable purpose. Your non-profit donation enables access to low-income housing assistance and programs and creates stable, vibrant and healthy communities.