Your Gifts At Work

low-income housing, plus supportive programs and services

Providing supportive programs and services for our residents to allow them to stabilize their lives is equally as important to us as providing affordable, low-income housing. Every gift you give to Mercy Housing can help families, seniors and people with special needs. When you donate and entrust your resources to us, we take that responsibility very seriously.

As you give, here is an idea of what your charitable donation could provide: 

$50 – Educate children
Your gift enables three low-income children to attend Mercy Housing after-school programs, with homework assistance, tutoring, computer classes and arts and crafts. 
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$100 – Provide life skills 
Your gift enables a low-income resident to participate in a six-week life skills course for single parents. 
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$250 – Bridge the digital divide 
Your gift provides internet access to a resident computer lab for five months. 
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$300 – House a family
Your gift will help a low-income family in need live in a safe, affordable home for one month. 
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$400 – Promote wellness 
Your gift helps an entire senior community live better with one month of health and wellness classes, such as tai chi, speech therapy and adjusting-to-hearing-loss. 
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Thank you for helping us to provide affordable, stable housing to the most people, and in the most cost-effective way.  The examples above represent just some of the ways that your gifts will help us to provide the best assistance for our residents.


93% Program Delivery

We take the responsibility of your charitable donation very seriously. We ensure that 93 cents of every philanthropic dollar raised is available for its intended charitable purpose. Your non-profit donation enables access to low-income housing assistance and programs and creates stable, vibrant and healthy communities. 

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