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LEAD STORY: A WAY of life 

For Carla, a Mercy Housing resident, exercise and healthy eating aren’t short-term objectives; they’re a way of life. She is a stroke, heart attack, and two-time cancer survivor who understands how exercise and healthy eating can improve a person’s quality of life. Read the story »


Before finding Mercy Housing, Savannah residents Craig and Ernestine struggled to care for their adult son with autism on a limited household budget. Like any family, they wanted a safe place to live, but labored to find a home they could afford with Savannah’s high housing and rental prices.  Read the story »


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Most of us want pretty much
the same thing as we get older:

A home to age in, help and support when it's needed and, perhaps most of all, friendship and a sense of community.

That's what Mercy Housing provides.
That's what your donation makes possible.

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