Coppermine Village


Provider: Wishrock Housing Partners

Location: Bristol, CT

Property Type: Family Housing

Units: 176

Description: Coppermine Village was suffering the effects of drugs and crime that plagued the greater Bristol, CT, community.

Although affordability was preserved through HUD’s Low-Income Housing Preservation and Resident Homeownership Act program, the property struggled to maintain a sense of community and to cultivate the esteem of its neighbors and regulators. It was far from achieving its potential of being a first-choice affordable housing community.

In early 2018 Wishrock Housing Partners began rebuilding the community thanks to a $4.6 million loan from Mercy Loan Fund. The loan allowed Wishrock to acquire the property, make nearly $1 million in physical improvements, and help re-establish a sense of community at Coppermine Village.

Carmichael moved to the property in 2017 and enjoys calling it home “because it is now very quiet and a good place to raise my daughter.” Even in the short time that he has been a resident, he has noticed that the troublesome residents are moving out and he appreciates the renovated kitchens, upgraded landscaping, new natural playground, and modern signage throughout the property.

Peggy, who has been a resident for 39 years, is loving the changes too, “I now feel very relaxed when entering and exiting the property.” With leadership from the new ownership and management teams, Peggy noted that the office and maintenance staff are friendlier than in the past. She has even noticed that her neighbors seem friendlier and more positive!

Molly, who came to Coppermine Village fleeing a dangerous and abusive relationship, echoes these sentiments. “The property is kept up very well and I enjoy the sincerity of the staff. They are all genuine and care about me.” Molly tells about a nice conversation she had one day on the property with a man she’d never met. He was kind and nice to talk to, but never mentioned who he was or why he was walking around. Molly later was shocked when she found out it was one of Coppermine Village’s owners — she couldn’t believe “that he would take the time to chat without mentioning who he was. At Coppermine I am truly valued and not just a number.”

MLF attracts borrowers with sound values that have a bench of talented teams working to promote strong communities. This values-based approach to lending and development makes an enormous impact in the lives of residents and neighborhoods — including the 176 households at Coppermine Village.