Featured Profile:  Guadalupe Neighborhood

Provider: Guadalupe Neighborhood Development CorporationMercy Loan Fund Guadalupe Neighborhood

Location: Austin, Texas

Property Type: Affordable Rental Housing

Units: 6

Description: Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation (GNDC), a nonprofit organization, develops and rehabilitates affordable housing properties for both rental and homeownership in Austin, Texas. They also work to provide opportunities for local residents to become homeowners in the neighborhood.

In the past, GNDC borrowed funds from the McAuley Institute. After Mercy Housing acquired the McAuley Institute loan portfolio, and GNDC was in need of a new loan, they logically turned to Mercy Loan Fund. Mercy Loan Fund provided a $130,000 construction and permanent loan to develop six affordable rental housing units.

One of their residents, 89-year-old Hilario “Lalo” Ancira became a GNDC tenant in 1997 when he moved into a one-bedroom home. A few years ago, his health declined and his son, Cecil, started spending more and more time at the house. Eventually, Cecil began living at the house permanently using the living room sofa as his bed. Recognizing Lalo’s need for a larger house, GNDC staff suggested he move into a new two-bedroom home in the same area. When they suggested the idea, Lalo was immediately excited and for the next several months told everyone about his new home that was being built.

GNDC was able to help Lalo age in place in the community where he had spent his entire life while maintaining the affordability of his home.